Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Essence of Artistry

In the Main Gallery
Essence of Artistry
June 5th 6-9pm

Essence of Artistry is a group of regional performing and visual artists who bring art to life before your eyes. The purpose of Essence Of Artistry is to enhance Tallahassee cultural arena through the infusion of music and art produced by the talent of nationally acclaimed musician Dayve Stewart, the brilliant and eccentric live art performance of the artist Rohaun, the inspirational words of B. Knight , and the photographs of the essential elements that compose life by Adeleke' . This Friday The 621 Gallery will feature live performances by Adeleke Omitowojuu, Rohaun and B. Knight.
6-7 photography, poetry
8 live art starts with Rohaun
9-10 live music